Max Repossi is an Italian martial artist who’s experienced in Chinese Kung Fu. As a child he begins with Judo, but he starts his true training journey by entering in the “Kwoon Kung Fu Yu Winsu” in the year 2000..

For many years he practices different stiles of Kung Fu, specializing afterwards in Hung Kuen 洪拳 and then in Wing Chun 永春, respectively under the guide of Cheung Yee Keung 張義強師傅 in Hong Kong and Dorillo Rota in Milan. It is with the latter one in particular that he takes on a research course on action rapidity and motion fluidity.

A certified Sifu (teacher), Max founds in 2011 with fellow practice brothers Gabriel Kanah and Isaia Antonaci the “San Dao Kung Fu Association”, which is active in northern Italy.

This mix of innovative approach to combat, attention for the execution of the movements and respect for tradition is what makes Max a dynamic, polished and complete martial artist.

He’s studied for many years other fighting arts as well, including Iaido 居合道 (of which he’s reached the Second Dan Level in 2009), Thai Boxe and MMA. He’s had the opportunity to learn Tit Sin Kuen 鉄線拳, the last Hung Kuen form in Chan Hon Chung 陳漢宗’s purest version by Alberto Biraghi, his direct student. His application of martial arts and Kung Fu extends from self-defense to scenic fighting, working as an international action actor, professionally active between Asia and Europe.

“Max is a student who possesses natural skills for martial arts, and he’s always willing to get better. Everyone appreciates his hard training, and his almost insane persistence for every detail is the very reason why he’s progressing gradually in the direction of success. Also, he’s got respect for the art and his teacher, he takes care of his friends and he’s an exemplary role model. Max, whenever should you feel lost, don’t forget your initial goal. In conclusion, I wish for you to ride the wave and towards the destination.” – Sifu Cheung Yee Keung

“I’ve had many pupils throughout my long martial career, but among them Max Repossi has been and keeps on being an exceptional study and training partner. Gifted with a remarkable learning skill, he’s reached an amazing level of proficiency as a result of hard work and great modesty. Despite all achievements he’s always in search of that something more that he gains with tenaciousness and wants to overcome continuously. To this day he’s such a great friend to me and he keeps on giving me a reason to do what I do. Thank you, Max” – Sifu Dorillo Rota